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At Taz Flooring & Design, we know that every day is a series of hurdles that you have to overcome, many of which can take place in your kitchen. No matter what you need from a kitchen, Taz Flooring & Design can provide it. If you're a hard working parent, (who doesn't have time to scrub sticky hand prints off of tough to clean surfaces, and needs something that can be wiped down easily) a burgeoning gourmet chef, (who needs all the extra storage space in their cabinets and on their counter tops for their extensive collection of exotic spices and various racks of specialty utensils) or an enthusiastic host, (who absolutely must have the most elegant and luxurious new kitchen decor to keep their reputation for excellent taste), we've got exactly what you need.

We have been providing our countertop sales & installation since 1979 in the following areas: Sarasota, Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte, North Port, and Punta Gorda, Florida.

Your cabinets and counter tops are the most crucial element in your kitchen design, both functionally and aesthetically, and Taz Flooring & Design works hard to provide you with the look and usability that you need, to make your life simpler and your kitchen more pleasant to look at. With the highest quality materials, the most beautiful and versatile colors and the latest styles, our selection of counter tops and cabinets is sure to have something that's just your style. Whether you're looking for basic styles, semi-custom or custom designs, we have the expertise and the variety of products to suit your needs.

Our commitment to offering you the very best in cabinets and countertops doesn't end at providing the very best products and materials at the most competitive prices. This is why residents of Sarasota come to us for countertops, when it comes to quality & pricing, we simply cannot be beat. Taz Flooring & Design Inc. can also do all of the physical and mental heavy lifting involved in your project. We have interior design advisors to help you select the products, placement and finishes that will look the best and last the longest, and skilled installation experts to finish the job.

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